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Pink interiors? Say hello to Candy, Rose and Barbie….



fringe vintage light ceiling pendant pink shade jakobssen
Vintage delight: pink tassel ceiling light by Jakobsson from The


Pink: Like it or loathe it, you cannot avoid the shade of 2016 that’s still big for 2017. In its plethora of hues, pink is beyond big news.  Unashamedly in your face at one end of the scale (Neon and Hot) and soothing and natural at the other (am thinking of Plaster and Germoline) pink is a decorating and styling force to be reckoned with.  Rose Quartz (to be Pantone precise) has almost become a primary colour – and its roomie, ‘Blush’ has definitely become a game changer on the home interiors scene.
cushions pink geo print pattern hm hennes pastels
pink room wallpaper rose shades candy colours ghost chair kartell
Once a classic, now a contemporary classic. (Image:Pinterest)
My early experience with pink is pretty, girly and vintage (think rosebuds, Laura Ashley curtains & ballet leotards) and yet fast forward to the late 80s and it was all about hot pink with zips and neon legwarmers – feisty stuff.
Previously, there has been a backlash against pink; its too girly, its synonymous with Barbie and her associated stereotypes or that its just too sugary (and god knows THATS a swearword) and frankly, its just a bit naff.  However, a very fleeting look across some of the cooler interiors magazines, blogs and websites confirms that pink is none of those things….it is not retreating into the childrens- bedrooms-only relegation zone,  Its out and its proud and is it classy.
pink peggy chair sofa walls paint
Of course the wonderful thing about colour is you can use as much or as little as you like. Go the whole nine yards or just dip your toe in with an accent colour on one wall or some accessories.  Evalina Kravaev Soderberg (head of design at H&M Home) advocates decorating with neutral colours and then ‘having fun with the smaller things – soft furnishings and decorative touches’. Anabel Cutler’s interview with Evalina for Stella magazine showcases her incredible apartment in Stockholm (jealous? ja !) and her ethos for the home as an ever-evolving ‘set’. Using grey as a base, she picks up on trending palettes in the form of cushions and throws. H&M doing a particularly nifty line in both. (Also table linens and rugs too).
h&m hennes pink shades furniture home rose pastel
Pink – it can be so subtle…who knew?
 I too love grey.  I literally cannot decorate without it as the base colour in most rooms and hallways and its the perfect foil for any flight of fancy when it comes to passing colour or seasonal whims. It happens to work beautifully with pink. Of course this needn’t mean be Barbie-in-a-blender, it can be any shade or tone you are comfortable with.
pink grey rose charcoal pastel interiors homewares
Rose pink & charcoal grey – it just works

“Pink doesn’t have to be shocking or saccharine – give your interiors a sophisticated, modern update for the new season and beyond with accents of pale rose and soft coral ” says  M&S home editor Jo Caulkett.  The high street stalwart has come up trumps with its take on the Spring edit with pink available for all tastes & all rooms too. Office, bedroom, kitchen or dining, Marks and Spencer have interpreted the pink zeitgeist perfectly.

pink home accessories kitchen rose colour dinnerware bowls plates
M& S home
Clearly its not for everyone and if you’re heavily into the industrial thang then its trickier to work pink into your scheme (although I love a distressed plaster wall myself and think this would work perfectly). Similarly, its not the most alpha-male of shades if you’re trying to do a teenage boy’s room lets say BUT its so versatile and of the moment I think you could find something to fit the bill on the spectrum. There are 8 shades of pink available at Farrow & Ball alone and of course you can always have one custom mixed if you are trying to coordinate with existing furniture. I think this totally counts as a ‘neutral’….
calamine pink paint shades rose pastel farrow ball lounge
Wall shade : Farrow & Ball ‘Calamine’
 If you really cant face a major purchase or repainting (or you just want to test the water) then go for a punchy print, some cushions or simply a vase of blooms.
pink flowers blooms peonies rose pastels shades vase accessories
Easy does it…see, simple once you start
pink rose shades pastels colours cushions wallpaper home
Styleophileuk HQ -the first dabble in pink
Pastel crockery - Waitrose pink bowls plates
 Having recently painted everything dark (DARK) grey for AW/15 and completely loving it, I am reluctant to embrace the pastel trend fully TBH. So, working the with copper and rose gold accessories recently purchased, am opting for hints of chalk pink for now – probably in the form of these bobbled cushions from H&M. This way I can look forward to inspiring seasonal updates without committing to a total re-think and repaint come Autumn.   Am taking my inspiration from Evalina, my new interiors-hero and home-girl. Literally.
pink cushions hm hennes sofa interiors rose candy shades
Scandi cool with a hint of pink at H&M Home
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