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Tutorial: Drum lampshade wallpaper makeover


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drum lampshade wallpaper makeover tutorial cole & son home interiors desk
No reason to avoid work now…

Make this lampshade in under an hour – follow my DIY wallpaper drum lampshade tutorial.

Our home basement and loft renovations meant the lounge had become a tatty dumping ground for mismatched furniture and was in dire need of a revamp. (Chipped laminate and textured wallpaper anyone? Hmmmmm, thought not.) The table and lamp needed to make way for a desk and extra workspace and whilst I had a console in mind which would fit the nook perfectly, the lamp was a little neglected. I had an idea to makeover one from a previous house – the lampshade was pretty old and yellowed but the lamp base was fine. In such a bold room , it needed to be little more interesting and as it is against a plain dove grey wall, a printed shade seemed a good option.

laminate floor anaglypta drum lampshade wallpaper makeover tutorial cole & son home interiors desk
BEFORE : The classic laminate’n’anaglypta combo… yuk


drum lampshade wallpaper makeover tutorial cole & son home interiors desk home improvements

There is a knack to the whole clashing pattern and print trend and its quite easy to stuff up royally (yes, I am speaking from experience). Having gone for a very dark scheme in our lounge and an almost black printed paper from Orla Kiely, finding a printed shade to ‘clash beautifully’ was proving very difficult.

Orla Kiely wallpaper, Farrow Ball Railings paint
Best: Orla Kiely wallpaper, Farrow Ball Railings paint

The first problem I experienced was a lack of choice and availability, it’s the kind of item you want to see close up and not just on a website. Although John Lewis has loads of beautiful lampshades, as does Heals, due to size issues, I had to send a couple back.

lampshade grey print drum lampshade wallpaper makeover tutorial cole & son home interiors desk
Shade: John Lewis Retreat shade in Sulphur

Next it was size and style that became an issue. The offerings at Anthropologie were pretty damn gorgeous (no great surprise, everything is) but the lampshades were way too big for a table lamp and the prints available were more suited to a breezy, coastal scheme, maybe something eclectic and eastern – definitely more appropriate for my beach house in Lombok**

print shade anthroplogie drum lampshade wallpaper makeover tutorial cole & son home interiors desk
anthropologie lampshade ikat drum lampshade wallpaper makeover tutorial cole & son home interiors desk
Ikat inspired breezy prints at Anthropologie

I managed to find some well-priced lampshades at Habitat which were the right size but they were all plain and this was not the most exciting of lights or corners and in need of a bit of oomph. I was going to have to Do It Myself….
One thing we do have in our house is a lot of leftover wallpaper, and this print from Cole & Son (Jaipur) was absolutely one of my faves and complimented the dark print of the Kiely paper.

japiur cole and sons wallpaper lampshade makeover tutorial
Cole and Sons wallpaper

Had a quick google at lampshade covering (there were some great fabric ones and you can even buy kits from The Makery) and it looked simple enough so I thought I would share with you the process and the results.

Equipment is minimal but you will need the following:
Some wallpaper off cuts
Wallpaper paste
Bulldog clips/pegs
Tape measure

equipment for drum shade
Minimal kit

Start on a large table so you have room to work. Spread out the wallpaper pattern side down and measure the diameter of the shade and mark this length along the wallpaper allowing for a small overlap. Measure the height of the shade and mark this on the wallpaper. Cut along the line and discard rest of paper. So far so simple.

Take your time on this bit... its not Blue Peter
Take your time on this bit… its not Blue Peter

Glue the back of the paper (pattern side down) with wallpaper paste and roll the shade along the length of the paper, smoothing out any bubbles as you go along and keeping the paper straight. I had seam on my shade so be aware of where that falls if you have one. I sited it in the same spot as the join of the wallpaper. Pop on the pegs or clips to secure and leave to dry for a good few hours.

making drum lampshade wallpaper cole & sons habitat john lewis makeover turorial interiors
Lashings of glue… just wipe your hands …

If you want to, you can really max out the shade by papering the inside too? It looks really effective – and these shades look really nice even when the light is switched off. You can really go for it and use a different paper on the inside – or some gold card even – a reflective surface would be awesome. (Remember though, that if you use a dark paper to cover a white shade, it will probably give off much less light than before.)

Drum lampshade from wallpaper
Ta Dahhh !

Here is my finished article…I think the paper has really rescued what was a bit of a boring tample lamp and brightened up this console desk and corner of the lounge. Its pale colours and soft pattern tone really well with the bold but very dark walls, the paper and paint and complement each other. I will definitely be giving this another go with some paper for the kids’ rooms next. I have some awesome star wallpaper left over from Great Little Trading Company which would make a cool little shade.

lamp and console desk
Classic but strong lamp-game…..


lounge renovations
BESTEST – post revamp

Easy and under an hour.
** The house in Lombok is entirely a figment of my imagination.

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