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Home decorating with bright colours – oh yes, here’s how.


Whilst we wait for Pantone to send us into our next colour frenzy, consider going bolder than you’ve gone before and decorating your next project with a massive injection of bright colour. (I know the Rose Quartz / Serenity Blue thing was life-changing and I am still obsessed with blush pink wherever I can get away with it* but go with me here…)

bright home decorating blue yellow colours sofa interiors brights
Duresta Upholstery – thats a colour combo gauntlet laid…..

If you’re given to daily trawlings of all things interiors on the wonderful web, then you can spot a theme or a trend a good way off and, much like too many Haribo, things can become a little predictable. Then BOOM, CRASH, POW an image will leap out and smack you right between the scandi minimalism and the copper accents.
I kept seeing this blue and yellow, bright colour combo popping up in various blogs, insta-posts and digital magazines and saved it whenever I came across it, to look at later (yes, I’m aware that sounds a little creepy…)

brights home decorating yellow blue home colours fireplace styleophileuk
More of a colour-Kapow than a colour-pop…

One of the original bright images I spotted and a personal fave is this from @Chezdazzle_p I just never tire of the funky styling on this delightful mantle.

How about these too..? All on various scales (some interior some exterior) but all banging together that refreshing lapis blue and tangy yellow/chartreuse bright combo. It works for me and it will for you too. Just make sure you get the right tones, the colour strong and deep and use a good quality paint. Any decent decorators merchant will help you or try an expert like Lucy at The Colour Club.

styleophileuk home decorating brights blue garden hanging chair decorating bright colours
Strong blue works outdoors too…consider planting yellow blooms for maximum impact

Looking for recommendations? I would try Farrow and Ball, maybe Pitch Blue and Baboush? Or try Little Greene and opt for Smalt and Mister David…. or get some test pots mixed and try out on some picture frames.

home office blue yellow colours bright decorating styleophileuk office blue yellow interiors bright colours
Pick out a detail and paint in your accent colour or add a lamp or soft furnishing for a colour-pop photo:@ahinteriors

What is interesting to note is that it works just as well for a contemporary as a more traditional interior…so NO EXCUSES. Period Living showcased this lovely little set up:

bright home decorating blue yellow colours sofa interiors brights Period Living blue walls yellow sofa
Walls in Stiffkey – Farrow and Ball
Sofa in Tumeric from Sofa Workshop

Consider brights for your next room makeover – I think these images show they’re versatile and would work in a kids room or a kitchen, a lounge or even a loo… give it a go. You can always paint over it after all.

styleophileuk brights Blue yellow kitchen bright colours home decorating styleophileuk
image via Pinterest

Oh ok, if its really too much then dip your toe in and try just a vignette of brights… I saw this at House and Garden magazines ‘Spirit of Summer’ fair recently:

decorating blue yellow bright colours interiors home styleophileuk
What better excuse to have a tray of GnT in the room…?

Until next time….

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*blush pink is excellent for everything except clothes. In photos you look largely naked. Don’t ask me how I know.