Jog on January – why we need a Spring Summer wardrobe edit


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January….has it gone ? Oh thank god for that . At least February has a whisper of Spring about it and with that comes only one thing….pastels ! Oh and Easter eggs in the shops but mainly pastels. And very welcome they are too.   Anyone who has enjoyed the weather recently put up your hand. Anyone? Nope, thought not. The festive season was bizarrely too warm and now we have had a cold snap (which was brief but brutal where we live), I feel like we’re over the whole winter thang and we would like to fast-forward to Spring. Pronto.

Lighter nights and baby animals signal the start of this season and its a green light to get stuff done around the home.  Spring cleaning is a good start…I cant be the only person who stores random crap because of its potential usefulness? Or received some slightly duff Christmas gift which frankly, we are never going to use? Its time then to apply whichever particuar storage-mantra you subscribe to and purge , purge, purge people.  Whether you favour the annual-edit (if its not been used or worn in the last year you need to chuck-or-charity box it) or the much-hyped Marie Kondo method (too extreme for me and my attention span) Spring is the time to start as you mean to go on.  Ms Kondon says your health and mental wellbeing is going to flourish.

Once the decks are clear (ooh which reminds me, need to sweep and oil the deck) and you can see the spare room again, you can make a start on the other jobs that can transform your space and make a difference on a day-to-day level.   New blind to cover a dodgy view? Buy one or make it from a kit, they’re available online or you can do a workshop (I’ve just been on a lampshade making one at themakery.com).  Rash wallpaper choice thats already dated? Paint over it and hang that mirror that has been propped up in the hall.  Photos everywhere on lots of different devices ? Sort, file and scrap . Piles of interiors magazines in corners you could be using? Tear out the inspo pages and file in clear folders or box files by room or project.  Tasks like these would probably take a weekend at most but are the sort of low-level chore which make a much bigger impact on our time-poor lives and our space.  Trust me, you will feel great aftrwards too.

I have reclaimed a corner of our kitchen diner and made a home workspace, because lets face it, with a family, we dont just work when we are in the office.  Its going to make a huge difference. I have some great wire storage baskets from H&M and they are doing a nifty job of containing all the piles of paper that I will get round to ( I MUST get round to) and in the meantime, I know its all safe and not being used to play ‘hangman’ on or as kindling for the woodburner.  Paper and magazines and books are a real issue and I have resoved to get better at dealing with the breeding piles of ageing tombes in most rooms in the house.
So *pile it *sort it *fling it is my mantra for Spring and (feeling smug as I type) I will be taking 4 large bags to charity, putting two in the loft and single handedly keeping the recycling centre staff in employment for the forseeable.  And the lovely recepticles I’ve purchased from etsy.com to assist me in my spring-flingathon look awesome in my new ‘office’….

Pantone have released their colours for spring 2016 and you may not be surprised to find one of them is pink.  My blog on how to style with pink and not be mistaken for Barbara Cartland / Barbie coming soon (its all about the tone innit?) . Interior flora and fauna is also big news for the new term….Abigail Ahern is going heavy on the foliage in her new collections and if I am not the proud owner of an Atelier Ahern faux cactus by the end of February then something has gone very, very wrong.  Big floral stories on the catwalk too at New York Fashion Week for Spring so, whilst I am not advocating you match your dress to your window treatments, maybe a big bloom or two would be a fresh statement given we’ve all been languishing in black and grey for months.
I am still loving all the bronze and copper accents that began a resurgence a while back (giving zinc and brushed chrome a worthy bit of competition)   Many options are now widely available with some not too shabby efforts from the High Street as well as our favourite online interior boutiques.  Roze quartz  (Roze?) goes astonishingly well with a bit of copper as it happens.  Cox & Cox have some great accessories if you fancy dipping your toe in the metallic water, and some are even in the sale section of their website – whoop whoop – you can thank me later. See, have already lapsed back into an online shopping suggestion. Clearly, I  subscribe to my own particular clear out method – I think its known as a one-in-one-out policy and I am pretty good at the former….just need to work on the latter.