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Organise your 2017 with a stylish DIY planner


Its new year, new term, new financial quarter…whatever. For those of us for whom admin is a challenge (clearly we’re just incredibly creative, ahem…)  its also time to face the fear / bottom of the in-tray and deal with the death-eater emails we have been ignoring.

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From the middle of the first week of Jan, I had 3 just such emails (they should come playing the soundtrack to ‘Casualty’ complete with heart-beat sound effect) to add to the ones I had been ignoring from last year. Yikes. Must.Get.Shizzle.Together.  I do have a lovely diary, one of those hipster Moleskin ones but I don’t always have it with me when an appointment comes up. Friends with significantly more developed brains than mine, synch everything on their phones. Its all there at the touch of a button (they share a diary with their other halves FFS – thus eliminating the bi weekly row over who is out Friday night…) Never going to happen here. *Imagines husband having ‘BIKINI & TOP LIP WAX’ ping up on his laptop whilst sharing some spreadsheet in a meeting….*

PLanner, wall planner, diary, wall planner, desk planner, calendar, organisation, home

So, a wall calendar we can all see appears to be the solution . Except I have no desire to have fluffy cats, gardens of Sussex or some pubescent boy band hanging up for the next 365 days in the kitchen. Or anywhere.  Have scoured Amazon, Hay, Paperchase, groovy online stores and stationery havens.  It seems if you want your planner to look good, it has nowhere to pen in your commitments / birthdays / and reminders.

planner. calendar, diary , wall planner, organised , storage, desk planner
I absolutely LOVE the Stendig…. but its not going to remind me when Brownies is….

OK time to get crafty.  Whilst browsing Amazon office products (some fairly unedifying style-free planners in this department) I saw these fabulous clipboards. Grab yourself one in A3 format for this project but I have to say the A4 ones have come in super handy too.

wall planner, diary, calendar, organisation, office planner, home diary
A3 clipboard from Amazon.co.uk

Now hop onto Pinterest. Search ‘Planner * 2017* Printable*’ and marvel at the various amazing versions of wall and desk planners in so many different styles.  Vintage, Geometric, Ditsy, Minimalist you name it, its all there. Colour and mono too.  Take your pick (decide whether you want weeks to start on a Monday or Sunday – US ones tend to be Sunday) and print off your ticket to a new and organised you.

I settled on the Krafty Owl one as it had the most space for writing in but there are literally hundreds from some very talented, crafty bloggers who are happy to share. You may also find lots of other organisational tools whilst you are at it; birthday planners, recipe cards, all kinds of goodness. Lost-In-Pinterest warning served…. seriously, who doesn’t go off-message for half an hour or more?



The wall planner is a massive hit and everyone can see what is going on at a glance. Obviously am still winging it when someone asks me when we are doing something and I am not standing right next to it BUT it has made a genuine difference. Have spent an evening adding in all the birthdays, clubs and reoccurring appointments and  every now and then I take a photo of it so actually I AM carrying a diary around on my phone. Sort of.


wall planner, organiser, calendar, diary, home planner, desk diary, stationery
Organised at last…. is it still 2017?