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Scandi, Luxe or Kitsch? What’s your Christmas interior style?


Anyone into interiors, decor or design I figure is probably a fan of Christmas. An opportunity for a home makeover which isn’t permanent is more time spent indulging in atmospheric lighting, luxe or sentimental decorations and lashings of indulgence. Huzzah ! With the advent of Pinterest, the options for seasonal interiors are more creative and plentiful than ever.

luxe cool christmas tyles scandi trad interios styles home decorations decs
image : planete deco


This week’s blog is packed full of decorative styles & themes to indulge in this festive season with some bonus links to stylish seasonal makes. I will try and keep this brief but oh-my-god-I-love-Christmas so grab a cup of tea /glass of wine /cryogenic freezer and read on.

Tackling the of-the-moment theme first, lets go traditional, and by that I mean all things Scandi.  I love this style so much ( I would quite like to live in a cabin full-stop) and there literally is NO better time than Christmas to try it in your home.  Trad-scandi, modern-Scandi or Scandi-luxe you can tweak the ideas to suit your rooms, taste, existing decs and whatever you like after the season is done you can keep up forever !

christmas xmas house of fraser scandi style interiors luxe boho decorations decs
Traditional with a twist at House of Fraser…that panelling would look great at any time of year
Christmas Xmas style interiors decorations theme seasonal makeover style luxe scandi boho
Mix wooden, leafy & fresh accessories with signature candles for this style.  Image : elledecor

Hygge your home and your visitors this Christmas, (see my previous post here if you’ve no idea what I am talking about) and enjoy some  home made treats or share a weepy old black & white movie before relaxing in bundles of homely comforts.

Christmas Xmas interiors luxe decor decorations decs home themes scandi modern kitsch
Embrace the festive fashion for warm colours when it’s cold outside with blankets and cushions in classic checks & Nordic patterns. Image : Sainsburys

If you’re more on the contemporary side of the Scandi-o-metre (and those guys are all about the modern trends) then have yourself a cool yule and do a minimalist take on Christmas.  Many independent interiors online stores and the high street have decs for a paired-down modern theme.

Christmas xmas decorations decorate interiors theme luxe hygge modern trad scandi kitsch minimal ideas
Merry Modernism at H&M Home… easy to do too.

OK…you get the idea. Of course you can follow Christmas traditions without being traditional.  Personally this year I am thinking (controversially) monochrome which I think will look really striking but the other residents of Styleophile HQ are not best pleased about. We have compromised (this is no dictatorship) and I have said they can have a fake tree downstairs with all the coloured decs they like on…. I am literally an interiors diplomat.

Christmas Xmas decorations decs interiors theme home styles ideas hygge luxe scandi home
Monochrome magic at your Christmas table…?

More likely, given the decs we already have and the high concentration of olds we have coming, we may plump for the addition of a metallic.. a little gold or copper shine and go Luxe.

Christmas Xmas decorations decs interiors theme home styles ideas hygge luxe scandi home
Deco glamour at House of Fraser…. why not Luxe it up this Christmas….?


Christmas Xmas decorations decorate theme styling home seasonal luxe decor trad scandi look deco dark
Why stop at the living room…? Deck the halls, the kitchen and your bedroom too. Image: H&M Home


Luxe christmas Loversiq christmas xmas decoration themes ideas designs interior styles
Lots of clear glass bottles and gold candles make a simple yet stunning centrepiece …..better start on the sauvignon now…hic….


Christmas xmas luxe metallic deco glamour home interiors style trends decorations decor decs
Metallic luxe….super glamorous and yet so many ideas to make at home if you’re feeling crafty this Christmas.

I already love dark walls and bar carts and need zero encouragement for a metallic garland, cocktail shaker or paper fans pitched at different heights from the ceiling…. so its the luxe-look for me this year, well upstairs anyway.

luxe home Chirstmas xmas decorations interios themes decs scandi paper
Traditional colour scheme in modern decs at Styleophile HQ last year. Ready for metallics in 2016.

Before we get to the crafty stuff, let us not forget a third way, a middle ground, a road less travelled. I am talking about colour and, in a word, kitsch.  Christmas represents different things to everyone BUT having fun, spreading good vibes and being joyful is central to all  ideals. What isn’t fun about this :

luxe home colourful Chirstmas xmas decorations interios themes decs scandi paper
Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue…… I can sing a (Christmas) rainbow

or indeed this :

luxe home Chirstmas xmas decorations interios themes decs scandi paper
Colour and charm at Sainsburys this Christmas.

Jewel tones work particularly well if you’re having your first foray into a colour riot this festive season.  Luxe jade and true purple sit a little indulgently alongside fuchsia and orange but it matters not because its CHRISTMAS….and anything goes! Think of Quality Street wrappers…. I do, a LOT.

luxe home Chirstmas xmas decorations interios themes decs scandi paper dark walls
Dark walls are a great backdrop to a carnival of colour at Christmas… then will look stylish and slick the rest of the year when all the sparkle has gone.

Boho and eclectic stylistas will no doubt work their own amazing festive schemes but I couldn’t resist including this amazing tapestry wall hanging from Urban Outfitters – how awesome ? Errr, very. And useful year after year too.

christmas xmas lux colour wall hanging tapestry tree decorations dec themes interios styles festive styling
The wall hanging tree is going to be an annual tradition.

And nothing says Merry Kitchmas more than a sparkly unicorn, fact.

christmas xmas lux unicorn kitsch colour wall hanging tapestry tree decorations dec themes interios styles festive styling
Urban Outfitters are purveyors of all things seasonally amusing.

The point is not how cool your home looks; its whatever makes you happy and embodies the spirit of Christmas in your mind. That is the way to go interiors wise, be that subtle, thoughtful homages to nature and the human race or rainbow-coloured trees, we are all a bit more connected to each other at this time of year. That’s where the magic happens.

So, I promised you some uber cool Christmas makes….and here they are. From the Luxe to the trad, Scandi to kitsch, click the links for some amazing makes for your interior, whatever theme you choose.

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